Wee Wears

Ruffle Butt.

I had grand intentions of doing a weekly Wee Wears post, perhaps I’ll get there one day. Not yet though. Today, oh today – the littles had me up at 5:30 am. Plenty of time for all that crazy morning stuff involving food fights, teeth brushing, bum changing, clothes dressing and play-time.

The mister left yesterday for a Home Routes Tour with the band he plays in, this time for two weeks. Ya’ll. Send chocolate. Wine. And some Honey Do men. You heard me. The kind that tackle taking apart drains, (the toddler dropped one of my Lisa Leonard necklaces down there this morning – UGH) spring yard-work, van detailing, etc. Anything else you thought? Minds. Out. Of. Gutter.

What? Moms don’t talk like that? Psssssshhhhhh.

At any rate – Lil’ Abner looked cute as a chunky little button this morning and we had a little photo-shoot. After the jump. (If you’d like to see some toddler styles, venture on over to my personal blog, where Wyndham evolves from misery, to administering a love-fest on his sister, to actually posing for the camera.)

  • What Up Mama? 1 of 9
    You've got something in your eye. I want it.
  • Big Baby Head 2 of 9
    Little ruffle tutu.
  • Poser 3 of 9
    Sure I'll do it up. I think I know what that thing is now.
  • NOM 4 of 9
    This rattle is the bomb-diggity.
  • Ruffle Butt! 5 of 9
  • Yaaarrrrrrr! 6 of 9
    I've GOT THIS.
  • Morning Light 7 of 9
    This thing is FASCINATING.
  • You Are a Distraction 8 of 9
    You, Mama. You. I'm tryna do this thing here.
  • Oh, Brother 9 of 9
    I know ya love me - but jeez. Quit smothering me!

On Abby: Joe Fresh owlette onsie and leggings, H&M tutu and Baby GAP socks.

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