Well, THAT Was Embarrassing

Courtesy: Salt Lake Tribune

You know how I’ve been doing the sarcastic Tiger Dad posts about how “brilliant” Henry is?

Okay, so yeah… A reporter from the Salt Lake Tribune emailed last week to ask if she could interview me about my personal blog, The Girl Who.

Sure, I said.

So she called and we had a great chat about the preponderance of mom blogs, how I started my blog and so forth. She schedules a time for a photographer to come shoot photos and that was that.

The article came out yesterday, on Mother’s Day. The reporter interviewed a couple other local bloggers and included quotes from each blog to give the reader an idea of what we all blog about.

Guess what quote she used from my blog?

We’ve been working with Henry for about a month now — ever since he turned 2 months old — and we have to be honest with you: We really think Henry is advanced.

He’s definitely much smarter than your baby. I mean, I don’t want to use the word genius, but there! I just did.

He’s talking, singing even.

Ack! I post a short snippet of my Baby’s First Year blogs on my personal blog and invite people over here to read. She used one of those snippets as an example of what I blog about on The Girl Who. Do you know how awful that quote sounds out of context? Yeesh. My readership ticked up a notch yesterday, likely due to all the Utahns curious about the A-hole who thinks her son is a genius.

Go on, you guys, read the article. Don’t you just want to smack me? Or is the sarcasm obvious?

On the upside, they did get some good family photos:

All images courtesy of The Salt Lake Tribune

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