Well, Well Baby! Silver is Already 2 Months Old!

babyHave you ever looked at the calendar and been all, “Whaaat? How is it the end of February already?” That’s what happened to me today as we took Silver to his latest well-baby check and realized the little man is already 2 months old!

It’s crazy how people always say to soak in all those little moments — even when you can’t see straight from being so tired, but there’s so much truth there. Time has completely flown by, and I swear I can remember his birth (and even further back to that pregnancy test) like it was all yesterday — and yet he’s changed so much since.

We just got back from his 2-month checkup with his doctor, and it was his first visit with vaccinations. I never look forward to those, but the little man took it all like a champ — though the cry broke my heart. I was able to nurse him immediately after, which always has a lovely calming effect, so he didn’t seem upset for too long.

He has officially doubled his birth weight! It’s amazing news since he was born on the smaller side due to an umbilical cord issue. He was almost 2 pounds lighter than my other kids at birth, but no issues there anymore! He is in the 50th percentile for both weight and height, and his head is growing wonderfully.

His colic was discussed at the appointment, and we’ve been offered to see a specialist to see if there are any issues with GERD or other digestive problems. I asked to hold off on a referral for at least a month to see if things get better on their own since it seems to be headed in that direction already. I am hopeful that things will continue to get better with the changes we’ve been making to help him be more comfortable.

He is getting really strong now — holding up his head, smiling, and oh, the cooing! I am loving this age where he doesn’t feel too small that I’m worried I’m going to break him, but he’s still young enough to nuzzle his head in my neck and cuddle.

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