What Do We Think About These Eyes?

Hey, take a look at these peepers. Do they look like they’re going to go brown to you? I say no, they’re going to stay grey-blue. My husband says they’re darkening up.

It’s a peculiar desire of mine, to have blue-eyed babies. I didn’t think it was at all possible, even if I married a blue-eyed husband. Penny’s bluish-greenish-greyish eyes were a total shock to me, and I was a bit embarrassed about how pleased I was about them. What? Do I hate myself that much? Oh that’s right, yes I do.

Anyway, for your reference, on the right is Penny at roughly the same age. See? I think her eyes are pretty dark blue, and they stayed light. Not that I care! I love her eyes either way! But I’m wondering. What do you guys think?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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