What Do You Do When Baby Cries In The Car?

Alright, seasoned mamas, I need some expert advice.  Somewhere along the way, my husband became designated driver and I became designated child-attender when we travel together as a family.

When my daughter Everly was an infant, I always rode in the backseat with her to help calm her or put her paci back in when she would get upset in the car. Now that I’ve got two kiddos, both of the captains seats in the back are filled with carseats and I’ve moved back to the front seat with my husband (hi honey, I missed you!). My other option is to sit in the way way back — the no man’s land of minivans where I can’t hear any adult conversations and it makes me carsick.

So often when Arlo starts to cry in the car, I find myself unbuckling my seat to lean into the back to attend to him. It feels really dangerous and it’s not something I like to do — but hearing my bubba cry and knowing I could easily remedy the situation by holding his hand, replacing a paci, or adjusting the shade on the window to get the sun out of his eyes is too much for me to resist.

Are there any other mamas out there flailing about in the back of the car trying to keep their kiddos happy? Has anyone come up with a safe solution to this dilemma? Should I banish myself to the third row until Arlo is older?




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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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