What Does This Hand Motion Mean?

Toes again
Not this. This is more of the toes, which are awesome.

Hey, Abby’s been doing this thing where she sorta whacks the side of her head in a forward motion. I think that means “I’m tired,” but she even does it right when she wakes up, see? I took a little movie. I’ve heard my friends describe a similar motion, but I didn’t know if it was a sign they taught their baby, or if it was something babies come up with on their own.

Sorry it’s so crappy. It’s a movie-taking app for my old-school iPhone.

I know you’re supposed to be able to decode your baby’s cries, but I don’t know about these gestures. To me, it seems that she does them so consistently and so clearly that I should know what she’s saying! And yet I don’t. Some days I really wish I were having a bunch of kids so I’d be super-wise and helpful by the end of the process. Of course, I’d have a bunch of confused and maladjusted kids in the meantime, but … oh man. Sorry, Penny and Abby.

Anyway, any thoughts? Is she just saying she’s still tired? Because sleep is really an issue with this poor kiddo. I can’t get her to nap unless she’s in the car or in the stroller in the car seat, in other words. And she’ll sleep on her dad, but then he’s stuck. I know we went through this with Penny, but… I don’t know how we got her naps organized. I think her dad was in charge of that. Oops.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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