What Happens When a 9-Year-Old Changes a Diaper

9 year old changing baby's diaperOur daughter Z just turned 9. With 3 younger brothers, she has self appointed herself as their second mom. Z will make bottles, feed the baby and will attempt just about any mom duty with the exception of changing diapers. “That is absolutely disgusting” is the typical response when I joke with her when there is a dirty diaper.

A few weeks ago,  Z decided she would “give mommy a break” and get baby Zeke’s out of his room after waking up. She’s good at getting him in and out of the crib and entertaining him.  The thought was sweet but this day she decided to conquer one of her fears: changing a dirty diaper. 

Something told me I needed to see what was going on in Zeke’s room. As I approached, the smell of crap lingered in the air. I walked into a poo storm.

Diaper changing and 9 year olds are 2 things that should never go together. She had gone through nearly a whole box of wipes and 2 diapers. The baby had poop all over his legs and had so much diaper cream on him that it had to be uncomfortable! She was just trying to help and with the effort she put into trying to change this diaper – there was no way I could be mad.

Needless to say, while I so appreciate her trying and willingness to help,  changing diapers is off the list of okay things to do with baby.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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