What Happens When Mom is Sick

What happens when mom is sick?
What happens when mom is sick?

Tuesday started off just fine and dandy. The baby, toddler and I went to visit my sister. After an hour, we headed home and by the time I pulled in our driveway – something wasn’t right.


Since then I have been on a roller coaster of the flu – yes, in May. Fever (not baby fever) every few hours between Tylenol cold shots, aching, extreme fatigue and a warning from the doctor to stay away from the baby.   I’ve been cooped up in a bunk bed (don’t ask) with a laptop and an iPhone.

So what happens when Mom is sick and there is a baby, toddler and 2 other kids to attend to?

The house goes to HELL.

Laundry is piled up more than normal. (don’t even ask what is normal, please.)

Feeding schedules are totally off – meaning husband has brought home food every meal.

Bedtime? Well, it’s a wee bit pushed back.

I am so thankful for my husband.  I by no means play down what he’s done the last few days. He’s changed his work schedule and done all that he could to help manage our household. That being said…  I now more than ever in my last 9 months working from home realize why I need to be here.

I have a family to keep sane. We now have schedules. We have home cooked meals. We have bedtimes! None of which we were able to keep when I was working away from home.

Moms who work outside of the home, props.

Now excuse me while I go take another shower. This icky sweaty hair grosses me out to no end.

Tell Me: How Do You Survive When You Get Sick?

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