What Happens When The Mom Is Out of Commission? My Plans Before Surgery

barium: not exactly my kind of cocktail

This week has been slightly hectic, to say the least. Text messages and emails of support have filled my inbox and iPhone. Encouraging words of strength for the little scare I had yesterday. I do believe I have been blessed with the best family and friends…ever.

I went to the doctor on Tuesday because I knew during pregnancy that I was having gallbladder issues. So, I was checking in on those issues along with a fist-sized lump I found that has been causing me pain on the opposite side of my gallbladder pain. Yes, I will admit, I’ve put it off. Go ahead, yell at me now. But I just haven’t had the time to go to the doctor. Sad, I know, but truthful.

After spending an hour with my doctor and doing a ton of blood work, she called me yesterday and said, “You need to get a cat scan…immediately.” Umm…okay. That doesn’t sound scary or anything. She wouldn’t talk about the blood work. All she said was it was not my liver. My white blood count was elevated which showed infection, and she needed to figure out what was going on with this lump since I had symptoms — fever, feeling sick, and having a lot of pain. Of course when you feel any kind of lump you automatically think the worst. It was around noon when she called me, and I was drinking a half gallon plus of Barium by 2. By 4:45 the cat scan was completed, and she called me again to say that she needed to go over the report with the radiologist a little bit more and would call me in the morning. It didn’t sound too promising.

Today she called me first thing. She told me that I needed surgery as soon as possible and would put me in touch with a surgeon. The good news? The lump was nothing to do with cancer. Of course she had to rule that out. The bad news? I have to have surgery. The diagnosis? It’s chronic cholecytitis and was caused by a blockage of the cystic duct, which is inflamed due to infection. What does that mean in non-doctor terms? My gallbladder is not only not functioning, but it’s inflamed due to infection. While this may be a fairly easy in-and-out surgery, the doctor said to count on taking it easy (as if that is in my vocab) for a week to two weeks. This will be seriously hard for me (I don’t ever stop and relaxing is far from my lifestyle ever), but right now I need remind myself that a healthy mom is a must for my littles! So I am thrilled to get this out of the way and hopefully will have no complications along the way!

So the question is — how does a mom of 5 littles with a business to run and many different writing gigs stay ahead in life without falling behind? Especially when I will be out of commission for at least a few days. Maybe a week. Maybe two weeks. It is going to be tough! I plan on catching up and then some on work prior to surgery. Making dinners ahead. Scheduling posts. Writing thank-yous. Doing things so that I can somewhat rest after surgery.

To be honest, I am happy tomorrow starts a new month. January wasn’t so nice to us. Kennadi (2-years-old) is still battling pneumonia, and after 2 hospital stays with Grayson this month, I am slightly over anything to do with doctors and hospitals. Cheers to February! I’m over you, January. 

Did you have surgery and still have to take care of the baby and littles? What helped you survive your down time?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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