What My Four Month Old’s Been Up To…

Now that I have you caught up on what my three-year-old’s been doing, I’m going to shift focus to my newborn. She’s four months now. Does that still qualify as a newborn? Anyway, switching focus is the only way to successfully parent two kids. Unless we all have a second pair of arms waiting to be activated of which I was unaware.

At four months, Harlow is super smiley, great at rolling over, and has impressive neck control. She is grabbing things (like my hair), loving the outdoors and starting to laugh. Can you tell we are already planning where she will go to college? (A+ in assisted sitting, get this kid to Harvard!)

I’ve been recording her daily life on Instagram (follow me at @mommyshorts) and here’s a snapshot (or twelve) of what else has been happening with our baby girl…

  • Call me 1 of 16
    Call me
    Even though she's super tiny, Harlow's got tons of poses and personality to match. This one reminds me of a classic 'book jacket pose where you rest your head on your hand.
  • Out and about 2 of 16
    Out and about
    Harlow's favorite mode of transport is being worn by Mom.
  • Tummy Time 3 of 16
    Tummy Time
    For the first few months, Harlow hated being on her tummy but now she rolls onto her tummy as soon as I lay her on her back. She's even starting to master that mini-baby push-up.
  • Hanging with her Big Sis 4 of 16
    Hanging with her Big Sis
    Mazzy didn't watch television until she was almost two. Things are a little different with the second kid.
  • Getting Hazed 5 of 16
    Getting Hazed
    Mazzy likes to "dress Harlow up" which translates mainly into laying objects around her.
  • Loving Life 6 of 16
    Loving Life
    This is one of my favorite pictures. Harlow looks like she's game for anything.
  • Sporting some wackadoodle hair 7 of 16
    Sporting some wackadoodle hair
    I call this look "the old school Kate Gosselin".
  • Going Nose to Nose with Dad 8 of 16
    Going Nose to Nose with Dad
    Harlow is the spitting image of her father.
  • Already Spoken for 9 of 16
    Already Spoken for
    This is Giles. Son of my best friend and born in the hospital just two days after Harlow.
  • Napping 10 of 16
    It doesn't happen quite as often or for as long as I would like, but when it does, it is SWEEEEET.
  • Burning the Midnight Oil 11 of 16
    Burning the Midnight Oil
    It's never a good thing when the clock says 12pm and your baby looks like this...
  • Going to the Doctor 12 of 16
    Going to the Doctor
    Harlow is 3rd% weight and 30% height. Tiny but growing at a normal rate.
  • On the Move 13 of 16
    On the Move
    I swear I put her on that blanket just a few seconds ago.
  • Cuddling 14 of 16
    When Harlow's not watching TV or being hazed, Mazzy's giving her lots of hugs and kisses.
  • Becoming a Pro at Assisted Sitting 15 of 16
    Becoming a Pro at Assisted Sitting
    This is Harlow's serious face. Doesn't she look like she's about to lecture me on my parenting skills?
  • Killing it with Cuteness 16 of 16
    Killing it with Cuteness
    This is the picture I look at all day long while I'm at work. It doesn't get much cuter.

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