What I Really Think About Baby Schedules!

Oh wait... You don't understand the concept of time?

Baby schedules … they are all the rage! Mommy and me at 10am, followed by a nice refreshing feeding at 11:15am and of course topped off with a nap for noon. HA!

You want to know what I actually think about baby schedules? THEY

No seriously … do you think your baby really cares what time you want her to eat and sleep? HA!

Yup, there you go folks! I said it … I think trying to put an infant on a schedule is stupid because it never works, and only ends up pissing off the parents when the baby doesn’t adhere to the day planner he or she is being put on. It just doesn’t work.

Of course there are parents out there that it has worked fantastically for, and more props to them, because their kids clearly aren’t as stubborn and hard-headed as my kids are. Three kids, three attempts at making a schedule for them in their early months … and three horribly failed attempts.

I remember growing up I never wanted to eat… true story. My mother actually went to the local natural food store to find an herbal supplement that would encourage me to eat. Yeah, that didn’t work either! Eventually the pediatrician told her:

“She will eat when she is hungry, and sleep when she is tired.”

I parent by those words to this day.

People still look at me with the stank eye today when I tell them my kids make their own schedules. I have found they are far more well adjusted, less sick, and less whiny. True story: I used to have a friend, used to being past tense because our parenting styles parted our friendship. Her daughter was on a strict schedule to the point where we couldn’t go out to lunch because it would interfere with her strict nap time, or feeding, or whatever other activity she had planned for that hour.
As she got older and grew up, our kids just couldn’t play together, my boys were just laid back and went with the flow and her daughter became extremely high-strung.

Could it be different parenting styles? Just the kids? Who knows, but it certainly made me know that my kids would do their own thing if that was what made them happy kids.

Here we are on kid number three with them all making their own schedules, and they have in their own way made their own schedule. Including Addison at seven months old. She sleeps during the same time range every day … eats when she is hungry, and plays when she is awake. I mean, there is no rocket science to it.

So what do you think about trying to put a baby on a schedule?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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