What If My Baby NEVER Gets Any Teeth?

Baby G is still toothless. She’s all gums. She’s 9.5 months old now, so I’ve started to kind of wonder when that first cute little tooth will poke through.  I’ve tried to compare her lack of teeth to her older siblings’ tooth timetable, but I can’t really remember when they got theirs. Isn’t that awful of me? I mean, you would think that after having given birth to five children, all of whom were, as I dimly recall, late teethers themselves , that I might have made some notes somewhere – baby book, blog, SOMEWHERE – about exactly when G’s four older siblings finally grew some chompers.  I know it was late in their first years when each of them got that first tooth, but now I can’t recall exactly how late.

All I know is that H,J, E and C all teethed pretty late, but it looks like Baby G, bringing up the rear among my gaggle of babies, is going to win the award for World’s Latest Teething Baby – at least in our family. At this point, she still isn’t showing even the merest hint of a budding tooth anywhere in her adorable little mouth.

Of course, the good news with her late teething is that she hasn’t experienced any of the pain and drooling that a lot of babies get when their teeth come in. The bad news is that her interest in actual, human food is rapidly outpacing her ability to safely gum it up and swallow it. Like, at this point, she is definitely interested in having a funnel cake, or some fried chicken, or maybe a corndog. But unless she gets some teeth in that mouth of hers, she’s stuck with “Stage 3 Sweet Potatoes” and individual Cheerios. (NOTE: Before y’all start yelling at me, I am totally joking about the funnel cakes, corndogs and fried chicken. I would never give that stuff to my infant….unless we were at the Tennessee State Fair, and that’s not ’til September…  )

Seriously though, I am beginning to wonder when we will see that first baby tooth pop on through. I am also curious whether her late teething is related – like some of her other minor developmental quirks – to the fact that she arrived a bit early.

When did your babies get their first teeth? Was it a slow process or did they all come in at once? Was teething a painful process or no problem? And for those of you with babies born early, did you notice later teething or is this unrelated to prematurity? Tell me in the comments below.



Article Posted 7 years Ago

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