What If That Nickname Sticks?

wolf nicknames
Here he is - Stinky McStinkerson himself.

Since Wolf was born, we’ve been calling him lots of different nicknames.  When he was a few days old it was Dude then we transitioned into Mister, Shorty, Stinky McStinkerson, E-Dub, and the latest – Fancy Pants. Some of our family can’t resist calling him Wolfie, which I’m growing a little more fond of, especially when he’s little.  His nicknames have stuck around so much that somedays we hardly call him Wolf!  Hopefully he doesn’t start thinking his name is Mister.

But it really makes me wonder: what causes a nickname to stick?

Nicknames are used instead of someone’s usual first name to express fondness or familiarity.  Usually a nickname is a short form of your given name like Jen from Jennifer or Dan from Daniel.  I never really had a nickname when I was growing up although some of my family called me Al.  I remember two boys from my high school that went by nicknames that had nothing to do with their actual name.  One was called Chip because he was a chip off the old block and just like his dad and the other was called Moose because, well… I’m not sure why but I don’t think that was his real name!  We’re having fun making up cute little nicknames for Wolf depending on the mood, but I’m sure we won’t continue calling him Stinky McStinkerson for long.

Do you have cute nicknames for your baby?  What about you any nicknames growing up?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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