What My 10 Month-Old and 6 Month-Old Are Eating

baby eatingNow that my youngest daughter, 6 month-old Clementine is eating, I’m feeding two babies. With 10 month-old “Sandy”, I followed all of the rules on introducing solids (according to my pediatrician)- rice cereal first, then a new fruit or vegetable every 3-4 days. For Sandy, I did it like this:

1. Rice cereal, 4 days later-

2. mashed avocado, 4 days later-

3. boiled and smashed carrots, 4 days later-

4. banana, 4 days later-

5. peeled blueberries (yeah, a lot of work), 4 days later-

6. baked sweet potato, 4 days later-

7. oatmeal, 4 days later-

8. butternut squash, 4 days later and then on to 1-ingredient then 2-ingredient finger foods…

For Clementine, I introduced solid food like this:

1. rice cereal, 1 day later-

2. smashed peach, 1 day later-

3. Cheerios

4. Cheerios

5. Cheerios

6. Cheerios

Gotta get back on track! Would love to hear from readers how you fed your second baby differently than your first.

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