What Posh Spice Really Deserves.

My best friend (currently quite pregnant with her fourth) sent me an article about Victoria Beckham saying she “earned” an easy baby with the most recent birth of her daughter because her sons were “hard work.” *cough* NANNY *cough* Oh honey, as the mom of two daughters? She may be an easy baby but do you ever have it coming to you. As I continued to read the article she giggled about getting out of an elastic waist clothing and back into fashionable clothing after working out with her personal trainer SIX TIMES A WEEK.

Oh Posh. I’ve earned a personal trainer. I’ve earned a nanny to watch my kids while I’m with my personal trainer. I’ve also earned a nutritionist and personal chef…but that doesn’t mean I get them. On and on I went with my grumpy glasses on until I laid down with my little Vivi and realized what Ms. Beckham really deserves.

You have four kids. You deserve elastic waist pants. I know it’s fun to dress up, but kids don’t need a fancy mom, they need a comfy mom.

You deserve an entire day to lie around the house with your kids doing nothing but silliness and enjoy yourselves.

You deserve to take a nap with your baby everyday. They are only little for so long.

You deserve a day to not be “Posh Spice.” You deserve a day you can just go to the park with your family and enjoy it like the rest of us common folk do. You deserve not to have paparazzi follow your every move and judge your every clothing decision.

You deserve friends who don’t care a lick about what you’re wearing as long as you’re wearing a smile on your face. Unless you’re sad, then you deserve friends who will make you feel better. But you kind of always look sad, or mad…you should work on that.

You deserve every bit of happiness that motherhood has to offer. You shouldn’t be judged by stay at home moms in Indiana wearing stained t-shirts and their husband’s basketball shorts.

I hope you enjoy your job as much as I do. And if anyone can find a way to make elasticized clothes fashionable? It’s you.

We’re counting on you to bring baggy back.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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