What's In My (Diaper) Bag

Wow! You really can fit a lot in a diaper bag!

Over the past two months of Fern’s life my diaper bag has become like an extra appendage to me.  Wherever I am, so is that bag.

My husband thinks it’s just another excuse to carry around a giant bag, but there’s some useful stuff in there!

I always love reading those “What’s In My Bag” blog posts, so I figured, why not do one about my diaper bag?

See what’s in my diaper bag after the jump!

  • My Diaper Bag 1 of 8
    My Diaper Bag
    A gender neutral bag that my husband won't mind carrying. The bag is by Carter's and I love that the color goes with just about everything and it doesn't scream "diaper bag" (aside from it's giant size). Sadly, I can't share a link to it, since it's no longer available online.
  • Clutch and sunglasses 2 of 8
    Clutch and sunglasses
    I've long since given up on a purse, but a clutch is perfect. I can just throw it in my diaper bag and if a night on the town arises, I can just take it out and I'll look fancy carrying a simple clutch instead of a giant purse. The clutch is deceptively roomy and fits like five lipsticks, a mini card case, sunglasses, cell phone, notebook.... it's pretty impressive.
    Clutch by Blair Ritchey, Sunglasses from Target.
  • Diaper clutch 3 of 8
    Diaper clutch
    I love this cute diaper clutch and it keeps me from having more loose items floating about - I just pop in a few diapers and wipes and I'm good to go.
    Diaper clutch from Old Man Jake on Etsy.
  • Bib and burp rag 4 of 8
    Bib and burp rag
    These are important for obvious reasons. No one wants to have baby puke on them.
    Bib by Tommy Tippee from Target and burp rag by Bubby's Blankets.
  • The Essentials 5 of 8
    The Essentials
    When I'm out and about, I like to have sanitizer and a few key baby care products on hand.
    Johnson's Baby Hand & Face Wipes, Desitin, Babyganics Germinator.
  • Nursing cover 6 of 8
    Nursing cover
    I'm pretty much nursing 24/7 right now and since I can't just stay home all the time, this is useful. I'm kind of a nursing cover hater since they're usually made in baby'ish prints, but this one is stylish and simple and it even has pockets to hold my cell phone or anything else I fancy.
    Nursing cover by Lady LaDuke.
  • Distractions 7 of 8
    You never want to be away from home without baby distractions and these are some of Fern's favorites.
    Sophie Giraffe teether, Sassy Rattle and O Ball.
  • Shoes 8 of 8
    I don't always put shoes on Fern (i.e. almost never), but if it gets cold these are nice to have on hand.
    Shoes by Baby Converse.


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