What's the Difference Between Spit Up and Throw Up?

Sick baby fresh out of the bath

I remember wondering once before I had children, how does a mom know the difference between a baby spitting up and throwing up? And after this week, I can tell you. Velocity and volume.

We’ve had a rough couple of days here at the Petersen household. It’s no fun when mama gets sick but it’s way worse when baby gets sick, and unfortunately we had both in quick succession.

I came down with something of a stomach bug over the New Years weekend and struggled to stay hydrated enough to maintain my supply. No one else in the family seemed to be suffering the same ill effects and I overlooked the possibility that Tate might catch what I had.

Fast forward 24 hours after my recovery. Tate and I were strolling through the mall when out of nowhere he was coughing, spluttering, and spewing everywhere. We had a fitful night of sleep with our unhappy baby with a very unsettled stomach. After a day of ups and downs, he seems to finally on the upside of it.

Nothing else awakens you from a deep sleep like your baby gagging on vomit. This was the first time Tate has had the stomach flu, and I can honestly tell you … I hope it is the last.

Have your babies ever had the stomach flu? How did you handle it?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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