When Do We Retire The Baby Bathtub?

Has the whale tub run it's course?

For the past ten months, Cullen has been splishing and splashing in his baby Whale-of-a-Tale tub.  A few months ago, I could tell he was outgrowing the little seat inside, so I removed the infant booster which gave him a lot more room.  For a while, that worked, and we were back to splashing and playing – this time with a bit more space.

But now that Cullen has discovered the joys of walking, we are having new bathtime issues.  He is absolutely determined to stand in his tub.  Bathtime is an epic battle now.  I try to hold him in a seated position and soap him up quickly, while he locks his knees and grabs for the side of the tub to pull up.  It is exhausting.

I’m wondering if perhaps it’s time to retire the baby tub?  My worry is that regardless of the tub, he’s going to insist on standing, which will inevitably result in slipping and falling.  And then crying.  And possibly bleeding.

I’m happy to invest in one of those non-slip mats if that’s what is needed next.  I thought perhaps some experienced moms could weigh in and tell me where we go from here.  Bath time used to be a fun and relaxing part of our evening routine, but these days it has just become such a battle.  Will the novelty of walking eventually wear off, and our relaxing bath time be back again?

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