When Does A Baby Become A Toddler?

Looking like a big boy!

I know this questions has been asked (and answered) plenty of times before, but it’s something I’ve been talking about in my mom circles as we’re getting ready for first birthdays to approach.  Cullen is so big all of the sudden, and more and more I look at him and see less of a baby and more of a toddler.

He’s so independent – a free spirit – and while he still runs to me with arms outstretched when he bonks his head, he tends to need me less and less (and that’s okay…sniff).  He is totally content to play independently and run around all by himself most of the time.

So when does official toddler-hood start?  Here are a few different milestones I’ve heard as the possible transition mark…

  • The first birthday
  • The first word
  • The first step (or walking)
  • Once they start preschool

I think for me personally, Cullen is going to be my “baby” until…I have another baby!  I imagine that putting him next to a newborn would make him instantly seem older – like a toddler.  That’s not happening any time soon, so for now I’ll hold onto him as a baby for as long as I can.

What do you think?  When does a baby become a toddler?

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