When Is It Time to Boot Baby From Your Room?

When we had Addie we were living in a tiny one bedroom apartment so the only place for her to be was in the bedroom with us. We moved when she was six months and she moved into the room next to ours. She never slept more than a wall away from us in 5 years. Enter Vivi. She has been rooming in with us since she was born and the discussion has started (by my husband, NOT ME.) about when to boot the baby to her own room.

But here’s the thing, her room is down a hallway, through the loft and ALL THE WAY on the other side of the house.

My argument back to him is always “she’s so leeeeeeedlllleee!” Wondering if he could really handle having his tiny little baby in the giant crib ALL THE WAY over on the other side of the house. It’s certainly not a comfort factor, the rocking chair in her room is absolutely divine (and chartreuse!) Her crib is amazingly fantastic and the room is set up perfectly (black out blinds, ceiling fan, thermal curtains, night light, sweet mobile, changing table, video monitor…seriously, the nursery I never had with Addie.) The truth is she’s sleeping for much longer stretches at night and there’s technically no reason why she needs to be in our room aside from one big one.

I want her in there.

I like looking at her when I get up to pee. I like hearing her little night grunts. I like that I only have to walk eight steps to get my morning gummy grin and leg thump.

I know I could look at her through the video monitor but it’s not the same (and truth be told video monitors make sleeping babies look, well, creepy.) I know for a fact this maternal instinct I have (that Cody clearly doesn’t have) will let me know when it’s time for baby to pack her swaddling blankets and move down the hall.

How about your family? Co-sleepers until college, baby with the bathwater or somewhere in the middle?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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