When Life Returned to Normal

And just like that, life turned back to normal after having a baby.
And just like that, life turned back to normal after having a baby.

It was just a few weeks ago when our nights felt endless.

We would spend what seemed to be every moment feeding and changing our new baby Zeke. He would barely sleep at night, and then make up for the loss sleep during the day.

The angst of my toddler because of the arrival of a new sibling was at an all-time high. We would have to carefully watch his every move to make sure he wasn’t hitting the baby.

To top it all of this mom had NO idea how to leave the house and juggle 4 kids in public at one time!

Life has seemingly returned back to it’s normal self, but with the addition of one more responsibility to love.

Now adays, Zeke goes to bed around 11 – after his last feeding and sleeps through the night. Our toddler hasn’t thrown any objects or punches at his brother in a few weeks. The older kids are helping out quite a bit since Zeke is now bigger and not SO fragile. And the mother of all accomplishments – I actually figured out how to manage all 4 kids at the grocery store without my husband. (Wear your baby and then put the toddler in the cart!)

New mommy’s there IS hope!  It took us 3 and a half months after having this baby to find a rhythm for our entire family. Now it’s like he was never not here.

The only bad part of this realization is that this means I need to realize that my baby is growing up. Before we know it, we will be planning his first birthday and clapping that he is taking his first steps. Enjoy each day – it really does happen all too quickly.

How Long Did It Take Your Life to Return to Normal After Having a Baby?


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