When Will He Stop Chewing Everything?

This looks tasty…

Everyone knows that babies are constantly moving in an out of phases. My son has gone through many of them – the obsession with climbing the stairs, the two weeks where he threw all his food off of the high chair, and screaming bloody murder in his stroller – just to name a few. Sometimes they are short, only for a week or so. And other times – like this time – it seems like they last for eternity.

Most of these things don’t bother me much, as I know it’s all an important part of his learning and developing. But there is one phase in particular I cannot wait for him to outgrow…Sticking everything in his mouth!  I know this is how babies explore and develop their senses, and I totally recognize that chewing on toys and other baby-safe items is an important part of his play. It’s the other stuff that is driving me nuts – mulch, sticks, leaves, gravel, rocks, and mud.

He is his mama’s son and loves to be outside like I do, but his insistence on eating everything is making it really hard for us to play. At the playgrounds, he beelines for the mulch, grabbing handfuls and stuffing them into his mouth as quickly as possible.  Or if we get too close to the trail, he’s eyeing the loose gravel – looks tasty!  Don’t even get me started on the beach. The few times we went this summer, I spent most of the time flushing sand out of his mouth with my water bottle. I’ve tried even letting him get it in his mouth a few times, hoping he’d learn that it was icky and not want to do it again, but no luck.

We know a lot of other babies around his age, and it seems like this is still pretty common. I also know a few older babies, who seem to have outgrown this obsession. I hate to wish away the days, but this is one phase I’m definitely ready to see come to an end.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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