Where Are The Baby Days Going?

Surprised Newborn BabyWhere are the baby days going?  ‘Sandy,’ my oldest, will be a year old next month and Clementine is almost 7 months old. Their first three months were the longest of my life with all of the rapid cycling of bottles, butts, and bouncing.

Now that we can make it outside without the fear of an emergency of the diaper, crying, or spit-up variety, being a mom is getting to be a lot of fun. Clementine loves to toss her head back and hang upside down and absolutely everything makes her giggle. Sandy is walking and roaring, like deep growl style screaming, and I spend all of my time laughing with and at their adorable little selves.

Someone must tell me almost everyday that “it goes so fast” when they are babies. I’m trying to figure out how to slow it down.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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