While the Panda Cam Is Down, Fake Baby Panda Is Here to Help

We’re now more than a week into the federal government shutdown. Poor kids are going without preschool, foster babies can’t get food subsidies, hundreds of thousands of federal workers are missing their paychecks, and food-borne disease outbreaks may be slipping under the radar … but I know what’s really breaking American hearts: The National Zoo’s panda cam is still switched off!

In a tweet last week, the National Zoo confirmed what many had feared: “The cams (incl. the panda cams) require federal resources, especially staff, to run. They have not been deemed essential during a #shutdown.”

Not surprisingly, despair soon followed.

“A world without the panda cam is a world without happiness,” one woman wrote on Facebook, according to CBS News.

How to fill this fluffy void of cuteness? Three words: Fake baby panda.

We here in the Mildly Inappropriate Mommy household are nothing if not patriots, and so, for those aching for some adorable panda action, we present to you Scrunchy Face … dressed as a panda.

Don’t thank us. We’re just doing our civic duty.

  • Fake Baby Panda: A Hero for Our Time 1 of 8

    Missing the National Zoo panda cam? This little guy is here to help...

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    He's on a strict, no-laminate diet.

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    "What do I look like, a zoo animal?"

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  • One Big, Furry Family 6 of 8

    Bear bros for life!

  • Is This Some Kind of Sick Joke? 7 of 8

    We had an extra hat.

  • This Is Getting Old 8 of 8

    Fake Baby Panda isn't feeling this photo shoot anymore. Government, can you get your act together so that the real pandas can take over from here? Thanks!

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