Who Is the Mysterious Baby Performing CPR?

So while you’re busy trying to get your infant to do impressive things like not pee on his own forehead, a precocious baby girl is apparently well on her way to becoming CPR-certified.

A video posted on the YouTube ToddleTale channel late last month shows a barefoot baby in a purple shirt and matching headband scooting over to a dummy and doing a decent job performing what look like chest compressions and a little mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. She even pinches the dummy’s nose.

The setting appears to be a classroom and there must be an adult nearby somewhere. You can hear a woman’s voice in the video, though the woman (who is off camera) doesn’t seem to be  paying much attention to baby Doogie (Dougette?) Howser, but rather is muttering something about paper clips.

Beyond that, we know nothing about the infant, her parents and how she ended up practicing CPR on a dummy. I checked in with ToddleTale’s parent company and a representative told me she could not provide more information on the clip. Of course, this only made me more curious, so I’ve brainstormed a few theories to explain this incredible — now viral — video:

1. This was taken at a baby CPR class. No, not a class to teach adults how to perform CPR on infants, but rather a class to teach babies CPR. The baby’s parents actually tried to get her into baby firefighting and baby mountain rescue classes first, but they were both full.

2. This wasn’t a real-life scene, but rather a roughly-cut clip from an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster about baby doctors who save lives by day and fight crime at night. The baby in this particular clip plays the character of Lacey, the stylish one of the bunch (hence the headband. Duh.)

3. The baby in the video wasn’t a baby at all but rather a highly advanced robot. The dummy is her best friend who is suffering from a mysterious illness that can only be treated with periodic CPR and paper clips. I would have theorized that the dummy was her boyfriend, but this is a baby we’re talking about and that would be ridiculous.

Watch the video below and then tell us in the comments section what you think the real story is.


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