Who Needs Toys?

As I mentioned, Tate isn’t getting much from his parents for Christmas. Between the impending spoiling from the grandparents and the fact that he doesn’t know what Christmas is, we have decided to make the whole event pretty low key. Not to mention, I am a bit worried that we might buy him toys that his attention would pass over entirely.

I have always heard tales of children choosing boxes over toys on Christmas morning, but never thought much of the anecdotes until now. You see, I have a baby who would rather play with household items than his toys almost any day of the week.

Click through to see Tate’s favorite every day objects made toys…

  • The Headband 1 of 6
    The Headband
    It's stretchy, soft, and he can put his arms through it. This headband has provided hours of entertainment.
  • Measuring Cups 2 of 6
    Measuring Cups
    I handed Tate two nested measuring cups on a ring while I was trying to get some baking done and he was getting restless. After he played with them for nearly and hour, I was sorry I hadn't thought to give them to him sooner.
  • Tags on Anything 3 of 6
    Tags on Anything
    Tate spends more time sucking on the tag of his play set than with the dangling toys. He also gravitates towards tags on stuffed animals and throw pillows.
  • Ribbon Spools 4 of 6
    Ribbon Spools
    While in my sewing room Tate got his hands on a ribbon spool. I was sure the ribbon would keep him busy. When I looked down to see the spool was the center of entertainment, I was so surprised!
  • Plastic Wrapped Magazine 5 of 6
    Plastic Wrapped Magazine
    This issue of Southern Living has been keeping Tate entertained for weeks. He loves to pat it, and turn it, and scoot it around. It provides all of the joy he gets from a magazine without any of the mess!
  • My Purse 6 of 6
    My Purse
    With all of the pockets, straps, buckles, tags and zippers, purses are a regular activity station. Luckily he hasn't quite figured out all the fun to be had by methodically removing all of the purses contents on to the floor!

What every day items does your baby like to play with?

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