Who Takes Care of the Baby When the Parents Are Sick?

Who Takes Care of the Baby When the Parents Are Sick?
Poor Fern…entertaining herself while her dad and I are sick and miserable.

I have a pretty stout immune system and rarely get sick.┬áBut, something awful has been going around and apparently we were unable to escape it’s evil clutches.

Last week, I had a scary moment when Fern got sick, but even though she’s not yet 100%, she’s definitely doing much better. My husband and I on the other hand? We feel like death.

This photo was taken yesterday while Fern entertained herself and I watched. She was getting into everything in the living room and wrangling her was so exhausting, that eventually we just went into her room and shut the door and I let her dump out everything in sight. Totally worth it.

But, obviously the kid needs some attention and I can’t just leave her to her own devices endlessly, which is why I am so thankful for grandparents.

My parents popped by yesterday afternoon and brought me a Jamba Juice (with immunity boosters of course) and took Fern for a walk so I could take a shower and get a break. It was amazing.

Then, Craig came home feeling miserable because the bug had finally caught up with him too, so I didn’t have anyone to provide back up for me and my parents took her again today so we could rest. If we’re still feeling sick tomorrow, Craig’s parents offered to hang out with her too.

I am so thankful for family that lives nearby. I have no idea how you people who have to go it alone manage. Family is an invaluable resource for us…it takes a village – especially when you’re sick!

Who helps you take care of your baby when you’re under the weather, or do you handle it on your own?

If so, what are your tips for getting through an illness while wrangling a babe?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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