Who Wore it Better? (Baby Edition) Instagram Challenge

One of the things that I love about having two little girls is that I am able to reuse some of my favorite outfits with Avery.

Although Avery’s closet isn’t entirely full of hand-me-downs, there are a lot of clothes that I saved from Harlan because I loved them too much to give them away. The girls were born in opposite seasons, so it’s been kind of challenging to reuse the outfits, but Avery is a small little girl and can still fit into many of Harlan’s 6-12 month summer clothes.

A few weeks ago, I put many of Harlan’s old summer clothes in Avery’s closet for her to wear. That night she had a pair of my favorite pajamas that Harlan used to wear all the time. I took a photo of her in our living room and, after taking it, I realized that I had a very similar photo of Harlan in the same pajamas in our living room. I love to compare how similar the girls look around the same age, especially in the same outfits. I put the photos side by side and uploaded them to Instagram with the question, “Who wore it better?”

So now I am inspired to start an Instagram Challenge so that you can show me, “Who wore it better?” between your little ones. Do you have siblings wearing the same outfit around the same age? Upload them to Instagram using the hasthtag #whoworeitbetterbaby  and make sure to tag me @amommyinthecity.  I’ll share a round-up of my favorites next week! I can’t wait to see your photos!

Here are some of my favorites of the girls. Tell me, who wore it better?

  • Who Wore it Better? 1 of 16
    PicMonkey Collage

    Because siblings in the same outfit are just too darn cute! 

  • Monkey Around 2 of 16

    This is the photo that inspired it all. Almost the exact same pose in the exact same pajamas. 

  • Stripes on The Playground 3 of 16

    This is the perfect playground romper during a hot summer day. Avery has a little advantage in this photo with her added accessory. 

  • Perfect in Plaid 4 of 16

    My favorite part of these photos is that both straps on their right shoulder are falling down. 

  • No Sleeping Here 5 of 16

    Two little girls having fun in bed and no sleeping is involved. 

  • Bright and Cheery 6 of 16

    Harlan was much younger than Avery when she wore this romper, but at least she let me put a headband on her head. Avery will have none of that. 

  • Sleepy Girls 7 of 16

    I couldn't believe it when I saw these two photos. Both girls sleeping in our arms in the same outfit. Pure magic. 

  • Baby Blues 8 of 16

    This is still one of my favorite dresses that I've ever owned for the girls. It is the perfect summer dress.

  • Giddy in Green 9 of 16

    I can't believe how similar the girls look in this dress, although there is about a 3 month age difference between the two photos. 

  • Flower Power 10 of 16

    I loved the big headbands with Harlan. Now Avery won't let me put anything near her head. 

  • Sassy Stripes 11 of 16

    Both girls eating. Both girls in stripes. 

  • Big Sun Hat 12 of 16

    My favorite sun hat and the girls doing their favorite summer activity. 

  • She’s Got the Blues 13 of 16

    Every time I put the girls in this shirt, they were always referenced as boys. Even with the girly accessories. Don't know why it happened, but I still love the shirt. 

  • Sitting Pretty 14 of 16

    I can't get over how they are sitting in nearly the exact same position in the exact same spot in our apartment in the exact same dress. It is crazy how much they are so similar yet so different at the same time. 

  • Beach Beauties 15 of 16

    My two little blonde bald babies enjoying the beach. 

  • Denim Forever 16 of 16

    I love this denim jacket and was so glad I could get so much use out of it. 

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