Who Would Think THIS is Possible?

sad baby

As I mentioned, my family has arrived from the East Coast to visit for a week. My mom is a great help with the baby and toddler. The laundry is actually getting folded and put away, and the kitchen is clean most of the time! She has even offered to babysit for a night while T and I get a much needed date night. Yippee! There’s only one small problem…

Fuzz appears to have some issues with Grandma. He pretty much cries every time he sees her and you can just forget about her picking him up- as pictured here. This is all despite the fact that he’s now met her four times in the flesh, and video-chatted with her at least 3 times a week. He smiles at her on the computer, but who knows what he thinks? Possibly he remembers her from the ‘little silver box’ and then it freaks him out to see her in 3-D?

I’m hoping this is a temporary problem as this would make my mother pretty sad in the grand scheme of grandma-hood. None of her other three grandchildren ever had this issue, even Shnook who is also a long distance grandchild.

It is a little inconvenient, especially since my life could be made a lot easier if I could pass the Fuzz off to her on occasion to get a few things done. Alas, this is not going to happen until he gets used to her.

Did your baby ever fear or dislike grandma?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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