Who's Afraid Of The Easter Bunny?

Well, things are getting exciting around here! Tulips popping up in Central Park, buds a-budding on the trees lining our street, and just the other day at the Food Emporium, I stumbled upon an entire display of matzoh! Oh how I love matzoh! ¬†Especially because that means Passover is just around the corner! And you know that old saying? Where there’s Passover there’s Easter? Something like that.

This will be Huck’s very first Easter, and only his second religious holiday involving a mascot that will be breaking and entering in order to leave treats. And I find myself wondering: What is proper Easter Bunny etiquette for the six-month and under crowd these days?

At Christmas, Huck was just a noobly little caterpillar (plus we were traveling and missed most of our usual Christmas traditions), so not a whole lot of “Santa” came into play for this Mama, aside from the requisite stocking stuffing and Christmas pa-jay-jays. And this will be my first year playing Easter Bunny. And boy, I have not figured out my plan of attack yet.

When I was a kid, my dad would put on elaborate displays for Easter morning. Nibbled carrots in the vegetable drawer, bunny paw-shaped candy track marks plodding down the halls, prize-filled plastic eggs hidden in every nook and cranny of the house . . . Then there was my mom and her glorious Easter basket designs! Lovingly piled with candy, curling irons, dangly earrings, and the Easter Dress in all its glory draped over the end of the bed. Man, Easter mornings were the best when I was a kid! Thanks to my parents,¬†I know how to do a banging Easter extravaganza! But something tells me that sort of effort would be completely lost on my Huckleberry, wouldn’t you say? (Maybe he won’t ever want a curling iron in his Easter basket?)

So, you tell me: What have you done for your tiny babies come Easter?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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