Why Coconut Oil Is My BFF

I can’t get over the myriad of awesome uses for my organic coconut oil. Sometimes I feel like that dad from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding — remember how he used windex for everything? I’m like that, without the chemicals or awesome accent.

We cook with coconut oil whenever we’re using high heat, side veggie oils turn bad under high temps. The saturated fat in coconut is actually very good for you! But eating it is rather obvious, right?

We also use it as lotion. Whenever anyone has a dry patch or eczema pop up, a tiny dab of coconut oil makes it go away the same day.

We also use it in lieu of anti-bacterial cream on cuts. Did you know it’s not only antibacterial but also antiviral and anti fungal? Yes!

We use it as massage oil, it’s super soothing and awesome on the skin.

Like I said, we use it as massage oil. Ahem.

I use it on my hair to keep the frizz down. I have pretty coarse hair with a good amount of frizz thanks to living in the South. It’s awesome to rub into the scalp to help dandruff but also just for use on the ends of your hair to condition.

I use it on ingrown toenails. A little coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and warm water – soak the toe for a bit. Also My baby got her big toenail swollen and ouchie and I just rubbed the coconut oil on her teensy piggie and it was fine later in the day!

Do you use coconut oil? What other uses have you found that I forgot to list?


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