Why the Kay Jewelers Adoption Ad Offended Me So Much

In general, Kay Jewelers ads are too sappy for my taste, but I’ve never been offended. And, even as an adoptee, well-meaning but incorrect portrayals of adoption in the media go right past me — I pay no mind. But this Kay Jewelers adoption commercial made me feel gross. If I ever actually saw someone wearing the necklace, I’d probably have to leave the room.

So, what is it that’s got me so annoyed? Was it the stork-like delivery? The absence of the birth parents? The generic white-bread look of the adoptive parents (not their features so much as the styling)? Or the fact that almost no one picks up a baby at an adoption center — Ý  la some retail baby store? Perhaps it’s the idea of adoption memorabilia? I imagine Kay Jewelers with a pop-up shop table, sitting outside the adoption agency, soliciting the already emotional adoptive parents — kind of like the people peddling roses for sale among captive diners at a romantic restaurant.

That said, I give the writers and producers somewhat of a pass because they needed to do an adoption commercial in 30 seconds. Obviously, a major retailer knows that adoption is a marketable industry and they needed to tell us about an adoption necklace. So, they did their job. Having a diverse group of mixed-race people standing around the hospital crying, or showing a baby in withdrawal from drugs, or trying to depict how one might decide to let homeless birth parents move in with you might not have conveyed the point.

And actually, now that I really look at the actual jewelry collection, it’s not about adoption but “Open Heart Waves.” So, I see an opening here for you Kay Jewelers… A new commercial where you design birth moms, birth dads, siblings and everyone else in the adoption process necklaces.

You’ll need an Oprah “Everyone gets a car!!!” moment to save this one.

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