Why Do Men Use More Wipes Than Women?

Going through a lot of wipes up in here

I don’t know what it’s all about but I recently realized Serge uses roughly ten wipes every time he changes Henry’s diaper.  Today I witnessed him in action first-hand.  Swipe once, toss it, get a new wipe, swipe once, toss it, get a new wipe.

As I watched Serge wad up each wipe, pinch it into a bunch which he held with the tips of his fingers and then dab at Henry’s backside I  could only surmise that it’s because he’s terrified of getting poop on his hands.

Me, I go through much of the day with poop on various parts of my body, my clothes.  Not my poop, I feel it’s important to clarify.  Henry’s poop.  A little poop ain’t no thang.  Baby poop, that is.  Threaten me with adult poop and I suspect I would not be so accommodating.

As I watched Serge swab at Henry’s bum with something like his fifth baby wipe in thirty seconds I debated saying something but wisely thought better of it.  I figure should just be grateful the dude has no problem changing diapers. His technique of using half a box of wipes with one change is even kinda cute.

Here, have another wipe, just so long as you carry on with the diaper changing.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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