Why Does Everyone Assume You Formula Feed?

Bottle? What Bottle? That’s my boob!

Is it just me or does everyone automatically assume if you are younger than… well just a younger mother… you automatically are a formula feeder?

I have had  half dozen instances in the past two weeks while being out and about with Addie and the boys where people asked either where my bottle was, what kind of formula she was on, or told me some kind of bottle related teething remedy.

I just don’t get it. I mean, I know breastfeeding certainly isn’t as popular or mainstream as bottle feeding is… but to me it just seems insulting when people make those age old ASSumptions about you and how you feed your baby.

I can only hope that for mothers in future years the pendulum will begin to swing back and the assumption will be all mothers actually breastfeed instead of cart around bottles and formula right?

In fact, while there are some days I have pumped milk ready in a bottle for various occasions like my husband taking care of Addison for the night, or leftovers… I don’t take it out in public with me because I am afraid I will be mistaken for a formula feeding mother.  As bad as it sounds, that would bother me because of the amount of work I have actually put into succeeding at breastfeeding this time around.

I am proud to say Addie hasn’t had to have a drop of formula like both of my sons needed by this point in their lives.  I don’t mean it to sound cocky, or stuck up… but it is hard work and every mother who makes the breastfeeding milestones they set for themselves should get an extra pat on the back when they make those huge milestones.

Three months is a long time.

Three weeks is a long time…

Celebrate any breastfeeding accomplishment you make!

Long story short… if I get very many comments about being a formula feeding mother in the next couple weeks, especially while I have an incredibly cranky teething baby who doesn’t like to sleep much anymore, I may just snap.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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