Why I Shop At Target for My Five Littles

With 5 Littles, it’s hard to find a one-stop shop where I can find everything I need for all ages in one place. This is why I am thankful for Target. Otherwise known in our family as Tar-Jay. Some joke that I should have stock in the brand since I shop there so much while others know I can’t get in and out of Target without easily spending $100 in 3 minutes. Target is definitely one of my favorite places … especially with a large family. Here’s why.


Who doesn’t love that word? The prices are beyond affordable. Where else can you pick up a full outfit for $8? The prices are always unbeatable. Make sure you always check out the clearance section too. Target gets new things a few times a week, therefore all of those items go on sale and are marked down frequently. Another tip — check online if you aren’t happy with the price in the store. For example, just recently I ventured for a maxi skirt from the D*Signed line my 5-year-old was dying for. They didn’t have her size however when I checked online and not only did they have it but it was majorly on sale. Always a plus! Recently, this has happened quite often which means you can take that money saved to buy even more. This keeps my wallet too!


Sometimes I do have to take all 5 littles to the store. AHHH. Yes, I know. But – with the convenience of Target — it’s a breeze. I stop and grab myself a Starbucks (yes, there is one in our store!!), and in the same Target Cafe I grab them a soft pretzel and a drink for $1. This way they are preoccupied while I shop and aren’t hanging out of the cart. That said, I head to do my shopping. Why is it so convenient? It’s a one-stop shop. How many stores can you pick up entire outfits (shoes and accessories included) for every single member in your family? Not to mention, they are budget-friendly. The convenience of Target helps when I need to get in and out quickly.


I love being able to shop for everyone. Not only do they have plenty of options for all but the variety in each section gives us plenty of options. I have to shop for 4 girls, ages 2-9 and one boy, almost 3 months. That’s variety! It’s nice to have a place where I can grab something for all. Another plus is that things in each department still coordinate! Target’s Circo brand is one of my favorites for mix and match separates – especially given the price tag. Leggings, tunics, tees and all the basics in each department, Big Girls and Toddler Girls still coordinate together which is nice if you’re going for a matching look. They are always up on trend too – colors, styles, etc. Not only will you be at ease shopping with your littles but they will be happy with the selection too!

Oh and yes, that’s Sadie — my 19 month old causing trouble in Target. It’s her favorite place too!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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