Why is Arlo's Reflux Suddenly Getting Worse?

Take a hike reflux!

I thought we were on top of this reflux thing. After 7 weeks of Zantac every 8 hours, cutting a slew of foods out of my diet that could possibly effect him, burping him often and keeping him inclined, we had his bad reflux episodes down to once or twice a week. As much as I have hated giving my sweet boy a strong smelling medicine every day, I can’t deny the immediate change it has had on his demeanor and comfort level.

 For some reason, all of a sudden his reflux episodes are back with a vengeance.   One episode a day for the past 3 days and tonight he cried so hard it took nearly every trick in our book and then some to finally get him settled down. (What finally worked? My husband singing Bob Marley songs while rocking him in a dark room)  I’ve changed clothes three times today due to massive amounts of spit up.

In those times when he gets so worked up that nothing works, I keep myself calm by reminding myself that his crying is due to pain. It’s hard sometimes not to get frustrated when his reflux causes him to cry for long periods of time. The only thing I can do is to stay focused and remember that it is my job to do everything that I can to make him better. He’s hurting and needs me. Swaddling him, paci, swaying, shushing, turning on the fan, cranking up the sound machine, singing…. be it  a couple of minutes or an hour of non-stop wailing, I’ll do whatever it takes.

So with him finally asleep here next to me, I’m left to wonder why his reflux is suddenly getting worse. My hope was that he was growing out of it and we were headed for days where my usually peacefully, happy little boy didn’t have to arch his body in pain or cry. Seeing him go through this takes me back to the days when he was only ten days old and was projectile vomiting and crying constantly. I don’t want to go backwards.

Fortunately, tomorrow is his two month check up with the pediatrician and my first line of business is to figure out what is causing his reflux to flair so badly again. I can’t stand to see him dealing with this… we’ve got to figure out what is going on.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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