Why Is My Newborn So Noisy?

Cullen’s favorite time of day is right when he wakes up.  He doesn’t cry or ask to be fed, he just slowly opens his eyes and has a little time to himself each morning.  He lays there, kicks his legs, wiggles around, and stares out the window next to his pack n play.

It’s so precious that he hangs out for almost an hour each morning, just enjoying the beginning of his day and beaming with smiles.  The only problem?

He is SO darn noisy!!  

Along with the kicks and smiles, he grunts, snorts, and makes all sorts of other noises that make me question whether or not he is breathing.  And it’s not just in the morning — he does it all night long.  I will think he’s waking up, but really he’s just snorting away in his sleep.  It’s so nice of him to give me an extra hour in the morning, but I find it almost impossibly to sleep with what sounds like a little piglet lying a few feet from my bed.

My husband and I are planning to move him to his crib in the nursery soon.  One of our main reasons for moving sooner than later is to move the grunting and snorting out of our bedroom, so we can all sleep a little more peacefully.  But I wonder if with him down the hall, I’ll end up going in there to check on him to just make sure they are normal noises and not sounds of distress.

He doesn’t have any lung or breathing problems, so I assume this is just normal for his age.  Here’s hoping it’s something he grows out of sooner than later!

Did anyone else have a noisy newborn?  How do you sleep and relax with so much commotion?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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