Why Moms Need To Remember To Choose Sleep

Dear Moms, you need and deserve sleep!

The amount of work that I have piled up in front of me is daunting. There are blog posts that need to be written, bills that need to be paid, dishes quite literally stacked up in my sink and let’s not forget the two children whose every need must be met around the clock.

I don’t have more in front of me than any mom — I realize that. Being a mother is hard, whether you work outside the home, or in, it is sometimes a chore just to find the time for your own basic needs, including sleep.

Sometimes, though, I think moms are faced with a touch choice. Stay up one more hour and get some work done, or wave the white flag, and sleep.

This can be a tough call to make, because finding quiet time alone to work is so impossible.

I know that the stress of juggling everything with a newborn has really been taking a toll on my body and mind, and last night, I found myself looking at two sleeping kids by 11:00 p.m., which is unheard of.

I actually started to feel nervous about what to do with that precious free time. Should I eat, shower, blog, clean my house?

My husband could see me struggling, and said, “Why don’t you just go to sleep?”

The notion seemed almost insane, but then I realized that I would be crazy not to just choose sleep. I NEED SLEEP. I almost felt guilty (which is crazy, right?) at the idea that I was going to consciously put aside the three million tasks that needed to be addressed just to sleep.

I chose sleep, and it was good.

Have you ever felt guilty, or like you were wasting an opportunity by choosing sleep?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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