Why Must My Baby Insist On Stomach Sleeping?

Face down in the mattress!

Last week I told you how we bravely moved our 3- month old from his pack n play in our bedroom into his crib in the nursery, and then we tempted fate by quitting swaddling just a few days later.  I’m happy to say that we seem to have survived both changes, and we’re all still sleeping relatively well at night.

Now that Cullen doesn’t have his arms strapped down, and he’s free to move about however he pleases, he’s quickly taken to trying out all sorts of new sleeping positions.  His absolute favorite?  On his stomach, face down into the mattress.  Sigh.

I know that when my generation was all babies, our moms all put us to sleep on our stomachs (and with blankets!), and many of us have lived to tell the tale.  But it still makes me so nervous every time I look at the video monitor and see his little face smashed straight down into his crib sheet.  How is that even comfortable?

The only reason I can sleep peacefully at night is because my husband and I shelled out a pretty penny for the Angelcare video and movement monitor.  I watch the little ticker on top tick tok, tick tok all night long – letting me know that Cullen’s breathing movements are being monitored, and he is still alive and well.  Some people think the breathing movement sensors are excessive, but as a naturally anxious mom, the peace of mind it gives me is priceless.

It’s funny to think that for three months my little guy has been sleeping (well, in fact!) on his back with his arms strapped down, and all this time all he really wanted was to roll over and snooze on his belly.  While I certainly wish he would lay in his back, I have to admit that seeing him rolled onto his side, or sprawled out on his tummy is pretty darn cute.  I hope he is sleeping more peacefully now, and while he’s catching his zzzz’s, I’ll keep watching for that tick tok so that I can catch some as well.


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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