Why We Skipped Traditional Crib Bumpers

I never truly realized how dangerous traditional crib bumpers were until my oldest son was about 2 years-old, and my youngest was a little over a year old. While we co-slept with both boys I had traditional crib bumpers on the crib that virtually was never used.

Last summer before I headed out to BlogHer 2010, I hooked up with a company called Go Mama Go Designs, and from then on out I became obsessed with sleep safety. Safe sleep, back to sleep, crib bumpers, SIDS, everything that fell into the category.

In that time I learned way more than any mother should really know about cribs, and some of the bedding we commonly use (including myself in the past with my older children) and the serious risk for strangulation and suffocation. Then the articles started in all these popular magazines… not just those focused on parenting either! And the bumpers we had went directly in the trash!

Then this month I saw a piece in BabyTalk Magazine written by a pediatrician in regards to safe sleep. It touched on everything from cribs and skipping the old drop side cribs which have now been banned in the United States (which I loved because I am super short, and we had with both of our boys!) to keeping the crib free from traditional crib bumpers altogether.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends nothing more than a fitted crib sheet. No blankets, no pillows, and NO BUMPERS!

I was amazingly grateful to have found wonder bumpers which are actually the fancy little sleeves on the picture of Addisons crib above.

Then last week I saw Emily on Being Pregnant write about the safety of crib bumpers, and whether or not parents should be using them on their cribs. She brought up the new breathable bumpers, which our household did not have a good experience with. Our middle son used them to try and boost themselves out of the crib, climb, and actually wore holes through them with the constant kicking in one area of the breathable bumper itself.

And Emily also brings up a great point… almost every crib bedding set on the market comes with a beautifully decorated bumper pad that without it, the sheets and crib skirt leave the crib looking… well less than creative. And in my eyes, it is a total marketing scheme. One big scheme to make money for these companies, because these bedding sets go for upwards of $200 and a simple crib sheet retails for all of $10 at most.

Sadly until there is a crack down on companies selling them, parents will continue to assume because they are on the market, they are safe! I know that is why I had them for my older children… I was a new parent and I simply didn’t know any better. This time around doing all the research and knowing better made me know there would be a traditional crib bumper in my house… over my dead body!

You can totally have a safe crib, which is cute like ours, with a safe option like the Wonder Bumpers. And even better, the Wonder Bumpers will be offering custom fabrics shortly! So you can have a 100% safe, and pediatrician recommended crib that is stylin’!

Don’t let style overrule safety when it comes to your children!

Thanks to Emily on Being Pregnant for sparking my thoughts on this!

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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