Why You Should Save The Umbillical Cord After Birth to Create Art (Photos)

sampleJust last week I was introduced to one of the coolest things ever. Well, at least I think it is pretty amazing. The umbilical cord is something that is so special in the birth of your baby. From the begin until the end. After baby is born we await for the little leftovers to fall of their belly button so we can secure it in the baby  book. But now — you can do way more with the umbilical cord. Allow me to introduce you to Little Cord Art.

The umbilical cord is such so special and extraordinary because it is the only organ that two individuals – mom and baby – ever share. Little Cord Art creates beautiful custom one-of-a-kind art that commemorates that vital connection. How? They create a colorful digital photo of the umbilical cord cells. What a cool story to tell when someone compliments the art piece in your home right? I just love this idea so much.

As we all now during prenatal development, the umbilical cord is a vital organ that connects mother to her developing little one. It plays such an important part as it delivers blood, oxygen, and nutrients, making it the baby’s most important lifeline. A lifeline is exactly what it is. When the baby is born, we all get excited over the “cut the cord” moment as the umbilical cord is no longer needed and is typically discarded as medical waste. Don’t throw it away just yet! Little Cord Art givers parents a permanent way to preserves it as a work of art that’s as special and unique as the baby it nourished over the last 9 months.

My favorite part? It’s an impressionist piece of art! It is way more aesthetically appealing than displaying a piece of the cord in a jar or as well all know — glued into the baby book.

How does it work? A Little Cord Art canvas is definitely not off-the-shelf art; both the process and the end product are customized just for you. Because Little Cord Art is made from a cross-section of your baby’s umbilical cord, you’ll need to order a canvas and receive a collection kit before your baby arrives. Plan to order at least 4-6 weeks before your due date. You get to select the canvas shape, size, colors and style. There are 13 style options and based on your choices, Little Cord Art will produce three options to make sure that you love the finished look. When you order your canvas you will be sent a Little Cord Art collection kit. The kit contains everything necessary to gather a cord specimen and send it back to create your art. You never have to even touch the umbilical cord if you don’t want to. Just so you don’t forget the kit when your baby arrives, Little Cord Art will send a reminder email two weeks before your due date.

Some of my favorites from the gallery are below but you can see more here.

  • Place Them Together 1 of 5
    Place Them Together
    I love how you can place smaller canvas all together to create a beautiful focal point in the room. How pretty is this?
  • A Conversation Piece 2 of 5
    A Conversation Piece
    Little Cord Art is truly art. If I walked into a home and saw this art, I would immediately comment on it -- it is such a conversation starter.
  • So Unique 3 of 5
    So Unique
    Each piece is so unique and different because every cord is different. LOVE that.
  • Verstile 4 of 5
    I love how you can put it anywhere in the home -- not just the nursery. It comes it many sizes too!
  • Just Beautiful 5 of 5
    Just Beautiful
    It is simply worth the investment and a beautiful piece of art.

Head over to Little Cord Art and take a look — it really is one of the neatest things I’ve seen in the baby world and I wish I would have known about it sooner.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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