Wigs for Babies are Now a Thing? Um, OK. (PHOTOS)

Baby Toupee
The Lil' Kim

If your baby girl was born without hair, it’s probably because she’s a baby. If it bothers you that she’s bald, paste a bow on her head and call it a day already, will you?

No? That’s not good enough, you say? Well, then there is an alternative solution. But you have to really, really care that your baby — who is just a baby — was born without hair to sink this low. Because you know she’ll grow some eventually, right? And when she does, the wig you force on her tiny little head now will look really stupid later on when it matches up not at all to her real hair in pictures, right? And you know someday you’ll have to explain to her why she shouldn’t be so caught up in her appearance when you were so caught up in her appearance when she was just a baby?

You still want one? Well, you’re in luck. Because there are two companies, and that makes fake hair or faux bangs for real babies (girls and boys). Click below to see a selection of photos, but, please, hair carefully when it comes to your babies. Seriously.


  • The Bob 1 of 10
    The Bob
    Ironically, there is nary a bob in sight.
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  • Before bangs 2 of 10
    Before bangs
    Sweet girl.
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  • After bangs 3 of 10
    After bangs
    Poor girl.
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  • The Donald 4 of 10
    The Donald
    An apprentice comb-over if there ever were one.
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  • Fairy Tale Flowers 5 of 10
    Fairy Tale Flowers
    A Grimms' Fairy Tale, at best.
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  • The Samuel L. 6 of 10
    The Samuel L.
    "Just 'cause you pour syrup on something doesn't make it pancakes."
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  • Before bangs, Take II 7 of 10
    Before bangs, Take II
    A very kissable head.
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  • After bangs, Take II 8 of 10
    After bangs, Take II
    Won't it be embarrassing it it turns out one day she's a blonde?
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  • The Lil’ Kim 9 of 10
    The Lil' Kim
    This will make her notorious, alright.
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  • London Flower 10 of 10
    London Flower
    I see London, I see France. I see a mom with no fashion sense.

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