Working Mom Guilt – Get Over It!

Get Over Working Moms Guilt!
Get Over Working Moms Guilt!

I was having a conversation with a friend who is a working mom. She recently had a baby boy and returned to work. Listening to her, it was apparent – she had come down and out with W.M.G., working mom guilt. One sentence that she said, stuck with me. “I want to have another baby and do this all over again, so I can do it right .”

As a mom who worked outside of the home for most of my first 3 babies lives, I can tell you whole heartedly I FELT IT!  I had a BAD case of W.M.G. and it was terrible. Even as my children aged, I still felt bad not being there. So as soon I had the opportunity to leave my job with our fourth baby I did. I so desperately wanted to “raise my baby right” and leave behind the working mom guilt.

Guess what? It’s just not that easy. 

Now that I am working at home, I am with my baby all day. While now I don’t have the guilt of being away from my child, there are other feelings that have taken it’s place. My honest opinion is that this is just a part of the job of being a mom. There will always be a fear of you not being the best mom you can be.

If you are suffering from working moms guilt, get OVER IT.

Unless you are totally absent from your baby’s life, just keep doing what you need to for your family. Keep your work hours to a reasonable number. Find a good caretaker for your child. Do what’s best for YOU (some moms need to be out of the house). Most importantly: know that you are doing the best that you can. Every person’s situation is different, but know this. Your baby loves you, whether you are there all day or if it’s before and after work.

Side Note: One thing that fueled my working moms guilt was the comments I heard from other people in regards to me working. Do all working moms a favor and if you have an opinion about how someone shouldn’t be working and should be home with their baby – keep it to YOURSELF.

Have You Suffered From W.M.G.?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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