Working Moms Hug Babies as Much as Politicians

cuddlingwith-babyGood news for working moms: your hugability factor has been backed up by a new study. In other words, the rest of the world now knows what you’ve known since the minute that bundle of joy arrived: you hug your kids just as much as the stay-at-home moms.

The study originated in Australia and was meant to focus on how infants who were and weren’t breastfed spent their time. But the researchers were (pleasantly) surprised to find the babies with working moms were getting just as much cuddle time per day as the kiddos with moms at their beck and call every moment of the day.

The total cuddle time worked out to about one hundred thirty-eight minutes, and it was supplemented by equal time being read to, sung to, etc.

So why is this a total duh study? Because babies demand a lot of care, and whoever is stepping in to care for our kids when we’re not away is SUPPOSED to be cuddling them, reading to them, singing to them, etc. That’s why we picked them as babysitters, right? Right?

The working mother vs. stay-at-home mother debate is so tired – and I say this as one of those in-between moms who works . . . but does it largely from home. I see how both sides of the equation both rock and stink, and I can’t see how one can judge the other. But as someone who has had to make use of a babysitter on a regular basis, this study still feels like an extra pat on the back.

We all totally fear screwing our kids up, but I think the number one fear is “will they feel loved enough?” Guess what – they do.

So go to work mom (or don’t – up to you), to paraphrase Lou Reed, they’ll know they were loved.

Image/Source: Globe and Mail

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