Would You Bring Your Baby to a Rock Concert?

Over the past 15 years, I’ve gone to my fair share of rock concerts. I’ve seen a lot of crazy things at all these live shows, but one thing I just don’t see much of these days are small children and babies in attendance.

Because really, who would bring a baby to a rock concert?

Last night, my husband and I went to an outdoor Phish concert to celebrate his 33rd birthday. Nothing sings “celebration” like sitting in a 100 degree field with 25,00 of your closest buddies listening to psychedelic music.

We love jam bands like Phish, and together we’ve probably seen them perform an upwards of 30 shows.

One thing that you will see at Phish shows that you won’t see at other shows are children and babies galore. In fact, if you’re two years old or under, you get in free to the show!

But I wonder, what’s the allure to bringing your baby to a rock concert?

I understand that parents want to introduce their kids to arts and culture at an early age, but something doesn’t feel right to me about bringing a baby to a concert.

A few of my rockin’ concerns:

  • The Volume. Concerts are loud, and baby ears are sensitive. I have seen noise canceling headphones on kids and babies, and I suppose that’s a start. But OMGEEEE it’s loud.
  • The booze (ok, the drugs too). It’s a given that there will be alcohol, and yes, drugs at these shows.
  • Secondhand Smoke. I think we can all agree that second hand smoke (from cigarettes and pipes is not safe for young children in inhale.

I’m going to keep going to concerts, but bring my baby will not be something I’ll be doing anytime soon. And while I respect the decision by other parents to bring their kids to concerts like this, it’s just not something I’m comfortable with for my own young children.

Would you bring your baby to a rock concert? DISCUSS!

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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