Would You Have Your Baby's Ears Pierced?

baby pierced ears While shopping with Kara a few weeks ago, I found myself in the diaper aisle next to another woman who had a baby about Kara’s age in her cart. We exchanged pleasantries as we plucked our diapers of choice off the shelf, and parted ways.

One thing that struck me when I glanced at the woman’s baby, was the glint of her pink, sparkly earrings. Earrings, on a baby that was clearly only two or three months old.

Honestly, the thought of piercing Kara’s ears has never even entered my mind. I dread taking her to the pediatrician for shots, so, I am not going to volunteer her to have two holes punched in her ears for the sake of the gaze of others.

That’s really what it is about at that age, isn’t it? The pleasure of others?

Of course, I haven’t even had one of those flowery headbands on Kara yet, which I think might be some sort of fashion crime against baby girls.

When it comes down to it, I don’t feel super strongly about other people having their little girls ears pierced. I can’t deny that a baby girl with pierced ears is adorable, however, a baby girl without pierced ears is equally adorable.

I asked the moms on my Facebook page last week how they feel about babies and ear piercing, and I received a range of responses. Something I found interesting, was that many women felt they wanted to do it early so their daughter wouldn’t remember the pain.

I had my ears pierced when I was 5, and I was actually proud of the pain that I endured. It is a fond memory, and I am thankful that it is an experience I can actually recall, instead of pierced ears being something that was always there, like my nose or my eyes.

Here are some of the responses from other moms:

Lilly Moon G. says:

Listen, ear-piercing infants is a cultural thing and personal choice.Throughout the world one of the most common customs regarding the feminine is adornment.It is a nearly universal belief,so piercing is a cultural conviction so there should be no judgement on it.

From Michal D.:

I pierced both of my daughters’ ears at 6 months. Our pediatrician’s office offers the service, so I knew it would be sterile and fine. I like that they will not remember the pain of having their ears pierced (I remember mine!) nor did they have to deal with twirling the earrings and cleaning them with alcohol swabs.

Marissa M. thinks:

It may be cute, but I personally wouldn’t do it. Why risk any unneccessary infections? When my daughter is able to ask about it and understand how to properly care for them herself, she can have her ears pierced.

From Leilani P.:

I don’t think its a matter of being right or wrong because it is not a moral dilemma. It’s simply personal preference. I had both my daughters’ ears pierced at 2 months. While some may argue that it should be their choice to get their ears pierced, I grew up in a family where all the baby girls had their ears pierced, so for me it’s perfectly normal and acceptable to have it done when they’re babies.

Molly N. thinks:

Not ok. Subjecting your infant to an unnecessary painful experience for your satisfaction is selfish! Other than the fact your infant has to be pinned down for an unnecessary painful ‘procedure’ they are also being exposed to numerous bacteria that their immature immune system may not be strong enough to fight off.

So, even it if it really isn’t an issue of right or wrong, it is an interesting topic. Would you pierce your baby’s ears? Tell me why, or why not!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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