Would You Want to Potty Train a 6-Month-Old Baby? This Family Did It

Baby on potty
Would you even want a baby this small to get potty trained?

I’m not ashamed to say it: I like changing my baby’s diapers. Everything about Peony is cute, including her poop. Plus, she’s extra super-duper cute on her changing table. She giggles like mad when I blow kisses on her belly. She kicks her legs with delight when I tickle her tush. Not only do I not mind changing her diapers, but sometimes I even look forward to it (there’s something kind of rewarding and cathartic about having her go from a heavy diaper to a fresh one).

I’m already way too guilty of wishing time away when it comes to Peony. She’s my last baby in diapers, and I’m not looking forward to the day when she starts using the potty (and especially the potty-training process, which wasn’t so fun with my older daughter).

Which is why I’m seriously shaking my head at this family that potty-trained their 6-month-old baby, according to The Huffington Post (via the Daily Express).

Can you even imagine? Would you even want to?

Six-month-old Izabella Oniciu says “boo boo” when she has to go to the bathroom. Her parents respond by putting her on the potty.

“Babies are not stupid. I speak to Izabella the way I speak to adults, not in baby talk,” her mom said. “I think she responds well to everything because I’ve listened to her from birth.”

Her dad also credits Izabella’s “achievement” to the Mozart music she listened to while in utero.

Listening Mozart or adult talk — whatever the reason Izabella can go on the potty — it would not be something I’d be bragging about. I’m enjoying (or trying to, at least) all of these small moments in my baby’s life. I think I’d actually be kind of ashamed of myself if I were wishing away her infancy to the extent that I wasn’t allowing her to just be a baby — in diapers. Even if Izabella’s parents call her potty training a “gift” in their relationship.

Signifying her need to go to the bathroom isn’t all Izabella isn’t trained to do (because that’s what this is, right? Training? Kind of like a dog, no?), by the way. She also can express her desire to eat. Although to be fair, my Peony lets me know plenty loud and clear when she wants to eat. And I’m quite proud to say that has required no training at all.

Would you want a baby so young to be potty trained?

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