Yes, I Know How to Prevent “That”

And by “that”, you’re referring to my children, right?

Friends and strangers, I know having a large family isn’t for everybody. And I get that you think raising four kids in this economy is an absolutely insane idea, one you believe borders on complete irresponsibility.

But you know what? I always wanted and dreamed of being a mom to four children. And despite what you think to be true, Paul wasn’t an accident.

But thanks for making me feel like he was.

Last week, when I was walking all four kids into school, another parents made me feel completely horrible about myself and my family.

I was carrying Paul with one arm, and slowly dragging my two year old along with the other (because he refused to use his legs, I know you’ve been there). My four year old was stomping her feet, refusing to walk with the group. Piper (my seven year old, who we were dropping off at school) was obediently walking by my side, as was her friend we were also dropping off at school.

There were five of them, and only one of me. I was woefully outnumbered, and the children were taking advantage of my desperate situation by causing a scene. I’m sure we looked like a herd of angry elephants.

As my ill-tempered caravan schlepped into school, another mom quickly walked right passed me and flippantly exclaimed: “you know how to prevent that, right?”

She then made the imaginary scissors “snip snip” sign in the air with her two fingers, referring to her suggestion that my husband needs to get a vasectomy.

Um, thanks for your suggestion and kind words?

While I’m typically quick to shrug this kind of stuff off (as it happens to me all the time), this particular morning I was struggling both physically and emotionally. I was sleep deprived, it was 7:45 AM, and I was struggling to get kids to their classroom before the tardy bell rang.

And then I was proverbially kicked down, basically by a stranger who decided to drive it home that I got myself into this mess because I don’t know how to properly use birth control.

So what should she have done?

She could have held the door opened for me, and helped me in to the building. Or she could have said something kind or encouraging. Heck, even an friendly grin would have sufficed.

Or she could have kept her mouth shut, which would have been preferred.

I get it. I have a lot of kids. But I also know what birth control is, and my children were not accidents.

Are you raising a large family? Have you ever experienced the unkind words of a stranger?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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