Yo Gabba Gabba Rocks Our World!

Print of Illustration by Merilee Liddiard. Based on the Yo Gabba Gabba song, Lovely, Love My Family, written by Amos Watene, performed by The Roots.

Yes, yes it does. Mayhaps you have discovered the awesome that is Yo Gabba Gabba. Either way, I’m gonna go with the possibiltiy that you haven’t, or perhaps have missed out on the two little gooders after the jump. That’s what we’re here for, right? In part, to share with each-other. Reviews, anecdotes, humour – everyday life trials and tibulations with our babes during their first year.

Abby’s just moving out of the newborn stage (at 14 weeks), and wasn’t really into much going on around her aside from wailing her poor little head off due to acid reflux = colic. Now that we’re exiting out of that ‘stage’ less than gracefully, (me), she’s noticed how good looking she is, and adores playing with her daddy and older bro. Not much older, mind you. We’re still wading the waters of not leaving him alone in the room with her lest he catapult her into the wall in his toddler rough, albeit loving attempt to swaddle her like Mommy does.

Our baby girl is smiling and getting happier everyday. It is with great pleasure that yesterday evening I walked into our bedroom (which by the way, tonight? DISASTER. Our bed broke. The frame that is, right out from under us this morning. THAT was good times. And we love our bed. Like one of our children. Keetsa my friends are you ever getting a call tomorrow.) Ahem. So. I walked into our bedroom to find my little imps (and the big one), all cuddled up watching this with great big grins:

And then this…

We highly recommend. What are your favourite kid shows? And by favourite I mean ones that you don’t obliterate from existence in your household by avidly making sure they don’t come under your littles’ radar. Because you KNOW they are going to want watch that annoying shit. And that might make you want to ram your head into a wall.

Top Image Source: Tuesday Mourning on Etsy. ALL of the proceeds from those prints go directly to The Shultz Family. < Read this. It’s important.

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