You Did WHAT While You Were Breast-Feeding?

admin-ajaxI was sitting in my kitchen recently, feeling pretty proud of myself. When both kids turned out to be hungry at the same time, I managed to nurse one while spoon-feeding the other.

“I am awesome,” I thought. “This is the epitome of mom multi-tasking.”

It was a very fleeting thought. When you’re a part of the mommy community online, it’s pretty easy to find that, no matter what your triumph, chances are another mom has done it better, more creatively and with cleaner hair.

Fortunately, that doesn’t have to get you down — it can also inspire you! (Yes, I’m a cynical journalist by background, but I’m giving this whole optimism thing a try — join me, won’t you?)

So before I could finish patting myself on the back, my mind quickly raced back to a couple of years ago, when I happened upon a photo of a mom nursing her child while grocery shopping. Say what you will about breast-feeding in public, but if you can manage to successfully nurse your kid while picking out the best cuts of asparagus, that’s a feat worthy of some admiration.

This week, I reached out to other nursing moms to see if they had similarly impressive nursing achievements to report. They did not disappoint. There was everything from changing the baby’s diaper and breastfeeding her at the same time to, believe it or not, doing a headstand while nursing. Talk about coordination.

Texas mom Michelle Hickman, who helped inspire 2011’s Target “nurse-in” demonstration, said she pretty much can do anything while nursing, including riding a four-wheeler through the countryside, sitting on a Ferris wheel and volunteering at a youth homeless shelter.

“The better question may be where have I NOT breastfed,” she said.

Hickman’s nursing ubiquity aside, this sprinting story, from Amanda Vonderheid Fiedler of Arnold, MD, might just take the cake.

“We went to a local county playground when my older two were two and three-years-old and the three-month-old was nursing when both (older kids) took off in opposite directions from our picnic,” she wrote in a Facebook message. “I ran after them, while nursing, got both under a wing, then felt a draft.”

Vonderheid Fielder looked down and realized the baby had unlatched.

“I was exposed to the entire playground for God knows how long,” she said. “Baby was looking at me like, ‘Can you sit down now so I can eat?'”

Chasing down your kids while nursing…if there’s ever a mom Olympics, I humbly suggest that event for consideration.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve done while nursing?

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